Lead Vendors


Leads are the lifeblood for your tele-sales business.  You need a constant stream of new leads to dial every day.




SLG CRM Leads – Agents can order leads through SLG at discounted prices and they will be automatically delivered to your SLGCRM.com account.  To learn more and order those leads, go to the Order Leads page.

As an independent agent, you can also order leads from other lead vendors.  You will typically pay a higher price for the leads and you will need to upload/add the leads to your CRM.


GameTimeLeads.com – These leads are generated through Facebook however the lead goes off of Facebook and through a 12 step process before it is considered a lead.  You can select the specific areas that you would like.  Lead orders are filled instantly and you can import them into your SLGCRM. Go to https://www.gametimeleads.com to order.




FinalExpenseSalesLeads.com – This vendor offers many different types of leads, but the Telemarketing Final Expense leads are the most popular.  These leads are generated through a overseas call center on your behalf.  They even tell the lead YOUR NAME at the end of the call.  They are exclusively generated for you.  The leads are $12 if you purchase 100 or more at a time.  They will be delivered to you via a spreadsheet that you can easily import into the SLGCRM to dial.  Go to https://finalexpensesalesleads.com to order.


FE Quotes – This is another vendor that generates exclusive Telemarketing call back leads on your behalf.  The lead is given YOUR name at the end of the call.  You are provided with a copy of the recording.  These leads can be purchased at a discounted rate of $12 using the following special link for SLG Agents:  https://www.fequotes.com/insurance/slg/

The Lead Jerk – This vendor has been generating final expense and mortgage protection leads for a long time.  They provide exclusive Telemarketing call-back leads as well as exclusive Facebook leads.  The Lead Jerk does provide both local and statewide lead options so it can be a great option agents who also sell in the field.  Go to https://theleadjerk.com/ to order.




Datalot.com – This is a lead vendor that offers live transfer inbound calls.  The price per live transfer call will range and you can set the cap that you are willing to pay.  We have found our average call to cost about $65.  We have seen the average close ratio to be between 3 to 5 calls per sale.  We do not suggest new agents use Datalot.  This lead source is best for strong closers and those with healthy lead spend budget.

We only have used Datalot as a supplemental lead source.  The volume of calls can vary greatly so best to use as an additional lead not as a primary lead source.  

Go to www.Datalot.com to set up an account.  You can also email Matthew at mlehrer@datalot.com and tell him you are with Summit Life Group.  He can create the same type of campaign that we use.


AllWebLeads.com – All Web Leads is a lead vendor that has been around for a long time generating many different types of leads.  You can purchase internet final expense leads, but they also offer Live Transfers.  We suggest the Final Expense Live Transfers that are $54.95 per call.

Send an email to Margaret Rowan at margaret.rowan@allwebleads.com to have her set up your account.  Be sure to tell her that you are with Summit Life Group.  You will receive a 40% discount on outbound leads purchased.

All Web Leads can be another profitable resource for those looking to sell using inbound live transfers.

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