Apprenticeship Program

The SLG Apprenticeship Program is designed for a very specific person.  A strong interview process is required before someone is approved to participate in this program.  The purpose of the Apprenticeship Program is to help someone who is hungry and willing to work hard, but may not have the financial means to properly get their business started.

It is critical that someone has enough leads in order to really launch their business.  The idea of investing several thousand dollars in leads may be too scary for some.  Most people should be able to do it.  There are many ways that a person can finance the launching of their business like getting a small loan or using a low interest credit card.  It is a very small investment compared to almost any other business.

The Apprenticeship Program is another option for financing your business.  This is where SLG or another SLG Top Producer will finance your leads for you.  This means you are able to get started and start working leads at NO COST.  Your main goal is to learn the process and build your confidence during this 90 day program.  Because you have no skin in the game, you must be willing to give an 80% split to the SLG producer who provided you with the leads.  You will keep 20% for each application that you write.  This allows you to make a little money to give you extra cash flow but more importantly allows you to learn the system with zero risk!


You must have a high level of integrity and split any of the leads given to you 80/20.

You must be willing to commit to at least 10 hours a week of selling for 90 Days.

You must be coachable and willing to take constructive criticism from the person investing in you.

You must be willing to work toward a 1/15 close ratio OR BETTER on all leads given to you.

You must understand that this program can be terminated by the person investing in you at any time and all leads will be given back to them.

Send an email to if you would like to schedule an interview and learn more about this program.