From our experience agents become profitable in a much shorter time when they focus on only TWO carriers.  It can be overwhelming when you try to learn too many at one time.  We have also seen that selling final expense policies is the absolute best way to start your tele-sales business.  Until you are a making a significant income each week, we do not suggest you shift your focus.  We can provide high quality leads that are perfect for these two carriers below.

Mutual of Omaha (MoO) – MoO is our go to carrier for level benefit final expense sales.  Mutual of Omaha has strong brand recognition, great rates and a very easy e-application process.  With great commissions and a 75% advance, selling MoO helps you get profitable quickly while providing your clients with an excellent product.

American General (AIG) Guaranteed Issue – AIG is our go-to carrier for final expense guaranteed issue sales.  If you can’t place the final expense business with MoO due to health issues, send it to AIG!  American General also has very strong name recognition and an even easier e-application process.

If you would like more information on our “Phase 2” carriers, please CLICK HERE.