Carriers – Phase 2

It is not necessary that you place business with any of the carriers below.  We strongly suggest that you stay focused on the top two carriers for as long as possible, but as your income and confidence grows you may consider selling some of these carriers below.

Foresters – We like Foresters as they offer a competitive final expense product called PlanRight as well as a simplified issue non-med term policy with living benefits.  We suggest you place most of your level benefit final expense business with MoO, but Foresters is an alternative when needed.  They have a “Voice Signature Application” that may be needed in rare cases.  If you decide to move in to “Phase 2” and sell non-med term policies, Foresters is a great carrier.

American National (ANICO) – ANICO is a go-to carrier for term policies.  They offer non-med up to $250,000, but are very competitive for fully-underwritten term life policies as well.  Keep in mind that their non-med term (under $250k) is not simplified issue which means they can still order an APS and can take longer to issue.  These are good policies to “put in your pipeline,” but they may take longer to issue.  This is why it is important to focus on selling the top two carriers primarily to help you with your cashflow.  We suggest you focus on phase 1 (selling final expense) until you have a strong, positive weekly cashflow before you start selling term. If you decide to start selling term over the phone in the future, you will love ANICO!

Sagicor – We use Sagicor because they offer a simplified issue, non-med term policy with extremely competitive rates.  Simplified issue means that they give a very quick “Yes or No” answer.  It does not take weeks for your client to be approved.  Selling a simplified issue product can really help an agent with cashflow as it doesn’t take long for the policy to go inforce and pay a commission.  The challenge with Sagicor is they are very strict.  They offer competitive rates and a quick decision but this causes them to be more strict.  Remember, Foresters also offers a simplified issue term policy and they are more lenient.  The main reason that we use Sagicor is for agents to use with face-to-face sales with their friends and family.  You can offer very competitive rates on term polices to your warm market with a fast turn around time which helps with cashflow.  If your prospect is not eligible for preferred health rating, it would be better to place that term business with either Foresters or ANICO.

SLG is contracted with many additional carriers.  If you have a question about a particular carrier not listed or need help with a case that doesn’t fit with any of the carriers listed above, please send an email to