Schedule a Closing Call

Summit Life Group believes it is crucial for a new agent to make their first sale and earn their first commission from their tele-sales business.  The most important sale is the very first one.  SLG is so committed to helping the new agent make a sale that we offer a FREE Closing Call!  This is only available to brand new agents working with SLG.  After you load and take your first $500 worth of calls (about 15 lead calls), SLG is willing to do a “closing call” on your behalf.  This means we will call one or more of your leads to help you close the sale.  It will be a 10/90 split, meaning you will still get 90% of the full commission!

Whether you are an experienced insurance agent or brand new to selling life insurance, tele-sales is different than selling face-to-face.  We are fully committed to helping you make your first sale even if we have to close it for you!

The SLG Closing Call is totally optional, but it is available to all brand new SLG Agents.


  • Must have loaded $500 and taken all of those lead calls (about 15)
  • Must agree to a 10/90 split (10% – SLG & 90% – Agent)


  • Send an email to
  • Type SCHEDULE CLOSING CALL in the Subject line

DISCLAIMER:  SLG cannot guarantee a sale from your initial $500 load; however, it is highly unlikely that a sale will not be made based on past experience.